Waxhaw family session

About seven years ago I walked into my first day of training in a new city, at a new job knowing absolutely no one. I sat in the front of the class because I always do and Maria sat in the back. We went around the room and introduced ourselves (there were 16 of us in that training class!) and all said one thing interesting about ourselves. My go-to is always that I am fluent in Spanish. Maria hear that fact, took one look at me and decided I was lying (bahaha) I don't recall exactly what sparked the conversation but the moment we started talking I knew we would be friends. What I didn't know is that she and her family would become a family away from my own in Florida. Fast forward seven years, a couple of dogs, a couple of kids, a few moves and finally the last move that led us to the same neighborhood.

Amelia and Noah are like a true niece and nephew for me and they even call me Tia Melanie! I set out to capture their family dynamic and relationship in the most authentic way possible. I hope they have these memories to enjoy for a lifetime. <3

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